MWeb 3.1.8

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MWeb is Pro Markdown writing, note taking and static blog generator App for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Pro Markdown writing
  • Minimal UI, Dark Mode, optimized lists indent, five editor themes.
  • Markdown syntax and massive Markdown extensions Supported: Table, TOC, MathJax, Fenced code block and code syntax highlight, Task lists, Sequence & Flowchart, Footnote and more.
  • Typewriter Scrolling: `View` `Typewriter Scrolling`
  • Publish/Update to WordPress, Metaweblog API services,, Evernote, 印象笔记, Blogger, Medium, Tumblr. `Preferences` `Publishing` to add publishing services. Click top right corner `Share Button` for publishing.
  • Support six live preview themes. Easy to custom preview theme. All themes can export to HTML or PDF. To open live preview window, please press `CMD + R` or `CMD + 4`.
  • Export to RTF, Docx.
  • Support Outline view.
External Mode and Library Mode
  1. External Mode (CMD + E): This mode design for creating, open external Markdown document. You can add an external folder to this mode.
  2. Library Mode (CMD + L): This mode design for note taking and static blog/website generator.
  3. Shortcuts `CMD + E` or `View`- `Open External` to open External Mode.
  4. Shortcuts `CMD + L` or `View`- `Open Library` to open Library Mode.
  5. External’s folder and Library documents are supported **Full Text Search**, drag & drop or paste photos to the editor and display. `CMD + V` paste to JPG picture, `CMD + Shift + V` paste to PNG picture.
 Library Mode for note taking

Library Mode uses categories tree to organize documents, support drag & drop or paste insert picture and display immediately. Support import external Markdown or text document to the library, export a category or documents to HTML, PDF or Markdown.

More info, please check this post: [Introducing documents library](

Library Mode for static blog generator

You can build static blog **One Click**! Now has two blog themes, it’s easy to custom you owner blog theme. you can add [AddThis]( and [Disqus]( code for share and comment support to your blog. You can enable MathJax and Sequence & Flowchart support in category setting.

More info, please check this post: [Introducing static blog generator](

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64 bit

What’s New in MWeb 3.1.8

1. Fix the search bug.
2. Add search by categories, tags, titles.
1. Search syntax: [keyword1] [keyword2]… [-c category1,category2…] [-t tag1,tag2…] [-h keyword1,keyword2,…] 2. If you fill: “MWeb Blog”, it will search the document content that contains “MWeb” and “Blog” keywords.
3. If you fill: “MWeb Blog -c cat1,cat2”, it will search the document’s categories contains “cat1” and “cat2” and the content contains “MWeb” and “Blog” keywords.
4. If you fill: “MWeb Blog -h key1,key2”, it will search the document’s title contains “key1” and “key2” and the content contains “MWeb” and “Blog” keywords.
5. In External Mode, If you fill: “MWeb Blog -h key1,key2”, it will search the document’s file name contains “key1” and “key2” and the content contains “MWeb” and “Blog” keywords.
3. Fix words counter bug.
4. Add shortcut: Ctrl + Enter to add the Quick Note to MWeb Library.
5. Support macOS Mojave Dark Mode.


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