Sudden Strike 4 – Africa: Desert War

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Additional content Sudden  Strike 4: Africa – Desert War, based on the events of the Campaign of the Western Desert during World War II, focuses on one of the most famous skirmishes in North Africa. Choose from five new General Erwin Rommel and decorated as Sir Richard O’Connor. Take command of the Axis forces during the mission to invade Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt and crushes unsuspecting US forces in the Battle of Kasserine Pass, or directs allies and recreates the battle that changed the tide of the Campaign Western desert: the Second Battle of El Alamein. Fighting a ruthless and hostile desert scenery, with sandstorms that will test your tactical skills.


  • Sudden Strike 4: Africa – Desert War includes two new Mini bells with six new single-player missions set in the North African campaign during World War II.
  • Axis in the campaign you will start the Italian advance into Egypt to take the city of  Sidi Barrani, besiege the city of Tobruk and to appropriate its port and through the  Kasserine Pass in Tunisia. In the Allied campaign will be part of the  Compass operation and retomarás  Sidi Barrani, you recrearás the turning point of the Campaign of the Western Desert, the  Second Battle of El Alamein, and will break the German defensive line in the  Battle of Mareth.
  • There are five new majors from which to choose: the Axis side have the German general Erwin Rommel awarded three Italian commanders, as the renowned quarterback Giovanni Messe. Allied side you can choose the legendary Sir Richard O’Connor general.
  • Sudden Strike 4: Africa – Desert War includes more than  30 new vehicles, as a medical truck, tank destroyer Marder II, the Bishop SPG British and Italian assault gun Semovente da 105/25.


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